Sunday, October 18, 2009

Wasted opportunity!

Shoot today was a wasted opportunity to get a good solid run in. As much as I have been having trouble finding time to run during the week, I missed a great chance to get out and run in the 54 degree sunshine today. I did run yesterday. I ran 2.8 miles in 25:31 and had to stop and walk for a few seconds 3 times...not good. I just did not even feel as good as I did last weekend. I proly didn't stretch well enough and I do not think I was hydrated properly either. I timed myself by putting my cell phone in the back seat of the car and setting the stopwatch and checking it when I got back. That was dumb, so we went out to Target and I bought one of those cheap $10 watches just for running purposes. Piddled around the house and watched some football a dogfight in my fantasy game - my opponent has Tom-freaking-Brady and he threw for 350 yards a 5 TD's in one quarter against the Titans in the snow! Hate the stinkin Patriots. Still have a chance to win because Big Ben and Aaron Rogers are fantasy studs.

On a positive note, even though I did not feel as good when I ran yesterday, I definitely do not feel as sore today as I did after running last weekend. Or maybe I just didn't notice it as much.

-the guy

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