Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sick of Being Sick

Right now our house is full of sickies. As I am typing this my eight year old is sniffling and snorting phlegm around in his throat. We just got back from our hundred millionth doctor's appointment in last month in a half. It was a three for one deal. Carson, our youngest, was very sick last week (no it wasn't the swineh1n1 deal). He was just getting checked to make sure he was doing okay. He showed his renewed energy by being loud, running around, and continually peeking in a trash can that I told him several times to STOP looking in. Jackson, our oldest, who woke up this morning with a fever, sore throat, and was "really, really, really, really, REALLY" tired; just had a virus. I should be a doctor because I knew that was what she was going to tell me. Now the last time I posted I mentioned that I had a sore throat and just felt blah. I mention this to the doctor and she takes a look at my throat. She then says "Yep you have a pus pocket back there" and I get a script for some antibiotics. We go to CVS and mingle with the other sickies waiting for the scripts(I got my inhaler filled so that I can take a hit of it before I run) and of course Carson the only healthy one, tests my patience probably because I have a freaking throat that feels like I swallowed glass. He cries for McDonalds all the way home because we were going to stop there for some ice cream if he behaved at the doctor and CVS. We are home now and waiting for Marc to bring home a pizza. That is the plan for the night: pizza, rest, and the Biggest Loser (Jillian would shudder to know that I am going to eat pizza and watch BL *gasp*). I was supposed to do day 2 of week one of couch 2 5k, not going to happen. The only healthy thing about this entry is that it is a healthy amount of whining. Next time will be better probably because the antibiotics will have kicked in and I will have eaten pizza!
Do you have sickness at your house? Do you exercise when you are sick?


LeeAnn Howard said...

We do have sickness at our house. The hubby is sick. Thankfully it was just some sinus congestion and not the h1n1 that seems to be going around our town. Im looking forward to starting the c25k tomorrow. :)

Andrew is getting fit said...

I've been sick this week and haven't run. But I think that was more because I was really busy with work and my kid was keeping me up all night as well.

My doctor once told me "You're sick not dead. Get out and run." when I asked if I could run.

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