Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Finding time

It don't take much. It sure don't take much to prevent you from finding the time to run. Basically it's day four and I am already realizing that it will be too easy to find reasons not to run. It would be nice if wasn't pitch dark out in the morning after my 8 year-old hops on the school bus. Hey it would give me just enough time to run down the road and back before heading to work. But I ain't running in the dark. Then it dawned on me at work that since Jackson is sick and Kim stayed home with him today that I would have to miss work again tomorrow. BTW - does anyone else do that? Parents who both work? Take turns staying home with the sick kid? Well tomorrow's my turn again and since I knew this would be the case I had to work late to get some things done that I knew I would not be able to do tomorrow. Stopped on the way home for the Big Ten Bargain at Pizza Express. Get home, eat, tend to the sick family, give the Carse-man a bath, kids to bed, watch The Biggest Loser, blog about how I didn't run. Yesterday was a intentional rest day, but I don't want today to be an unintentional rest day, so here's my solution - Wii Active! Ha-ha, take that you wellness demon. It's not as good, but what if I put it on the most difficult mode?
-the guy

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