Monday, October 19, 2009

a little better

So I knew I was flat out lazy by not running yesterday afternoon on a beautiful Sunday, so I decided that as soon as i got home from work today I was going to run, which i did. Ran the same route as Saturday. I remeasured and the distance is 2.7 miles. I ran it in 23:51. Saturday the time was 25:31, so improvement is good right. i felt like my pace was faster, and I ran with the new cheap watch I bought. I feel like that helped and motivated me more to know my times. The good thing is that I do feel like these are good workouts for me. Not too easy, but a good challenge for me as I ease back into running.

I found a really cool website, check this out. It is great for measuring your routes and running distances. This will help me alot and give me some variety and accuracy in my runs.

-the guy

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