Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ready to Run!

On Saturday I will be running in my first 5k. I am excited and a little nervous. I ran tonight for 30 minutes straight which according to C25k should be 3.1 miles. When I got home, I stretched then the family and I went out out looking for Roscoe(my running partner who forgets to run back home with me, "Squirrel!"). We also measured my distance. I ran 2.5 miles in thirty minutes. Now I felt good while doing it and I could have ran more so maybe I won't be in too bad of shape on Saturday. My goal is just to run the whole race. I am a little nervous because I will be running with a couple of friends. I am unsure of their speed(they may run faster/slower than me) and if they will want to run the whole time. Marc says I should be up front with them and just tell them my goal. He said I need to decide if I am doing the race to be social or to reach a goal. Hopefully, it can be both.

It is funny because I was thinking tonight about how much weight I could be losing if I was really watching what I was eating along with the running. I think eating an ice cream cone after finishing tonight probably defeats the purpose. I have talked about Weight Watchers before but the thought of measuring and counting points for food seems so tedious to me. My new goal should be to eat fruits, vegetables, and non-processed foods. I do have The Eat Clean Diet book to read. Maybe that will help.
I am also wondering if Jillian's 30 Day Shred would be easier this time around if I stuck with it. I really feel like my endurance is a lot better since starting C25k. To be honest last week I did week 7 didn't run for several days and just went to week 9 because of the 5k on Saturday. I was able to skip week 8 and not tell a difference. I think I really need to come up with a plan combining running and other exercise, working on consistency, speed for the running, and perseverance. So I guess I have some goals:
  • run the whole 5k on Saturday
  • continue running on a regular basis, work on speed
  • incorporate other exercise into my routine be consistent
  • eat 5-6 servings of fruits and vegetables each day, research a new eating plan
So there you go!

I want to finish up by saying how much I enjoying running! It is a great release for me and I feel so good after wards! Some things that has helped me is the music that I run to and facebook. There is a lot of people who read my status updates and kept me accountable. So thanks! Running has shown me that if I make up mind about something, don't give up, and work hard that I can do anything!


Kathleen said...

Have a great race! I ran my first 5K in June 2009 -- and a marathon in March 2010. It's surprisingly how do-able (and fun!) it can be. Not eating processed foods -- I'm convinced -- really helps.

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