Monday, June 21, 2010

A Letter That A Bigger Person Wouldn't Feel The Need To Write

To Whom It May Concern,
I just wanted to write and say "Thank You". Thank you for turning my family's life upside down almost two months ago. When you decided to fire my husband for misuse of company e-mail without any warning or reprimand even though he had worked for the agency for 12 years without any form of written reprimand in those twelve years, I am sure that you had the best interests of the employees and the youth in mind. After all this "misuse" was my husband sharing his faith and encouraging an employee. Yes, that rates right up there with an employee looking at porn at work or sending inappropriate messages to another employee. So here is the first thank you because I now know what would considered inappropriate e-mail in the future. I am sure you have done a stellar job of checking on other employees in the agency and their e-mail accounts in the past two months. You know, employees who should be supervising staff or the youth and are instead on facebook, twittering, texting, or checking e-mail. I am sure they will be fired too.

Another thing I want to say thanks for is the fact that we are doing a much better job of being aware of our money now. The first thing we had to decide when this happened is that our children would not be getting the swing set that we had been promising them for two summers. Wow thanks for saving us that extra expense and fun. I am sure your children are enjoying something new since you got promoted since you made your decision about my husband. I guess my children are learning a life lesson yours never will, sometimes you have to do without not by your choice but by choices made by other people. We are really trying to be better thinkers finding ways to save money and do things for free this summer. One other thing, you know that our new insurance sucks? I mean it causes me to be sick to my stomach at the thought of one us getting sick because we would be in a big mess with the bills. So thanks for making me appreciate our health.

It has been so nice to get up every day and wonder if this will be day that he gets a call from someone who wants to hire him. Jobs are scarce but this is something you don't care about obviously. The stress, worry, and sleepless nights have helped me stay on a schedule for running because it keeps those things at bay. Too bad Marc doesn't do something like that, I think sometimes he will get ill from the pressure he is under(which in turn has do with the new insurance because that would mean a bill). I am sure you are sleeping well. What would you have to feel guilty about besides packing up my husband's office and firing him because of your own agenda. I mean I am sure you never think about the consequences of that one decision, why would you? I mean you didn't think of it at the time.

The only true thing I do want to thank you for is this: I thank you for my new appreciation for my husband. No he doesn't have a job right now but that doesn't matter because he is a person of morals, standards, and integrity. He is a man of God, who stands up for what he believes in. He works hard every day looking for jobs that don't seem to be there, all with keeping his chin up(most of the time). As parents we have a great responsibility to raise our children in a way that they will become upstanding adults in society. I am proud to say that our boys have Marc as a role model. You might consider what you are teaching your children with your actions. Heck you might think about what you are teaching the troubled youth you are working with. Too bad you don't have my husband as an employee any more. He is worth more than you can even fathom. It is your loss and a future employers gain.

I know you have already let all this go, I am sure you did two months ago. I just hope that now I can too.


****Yes this is still a blog about exercise and health. Part of being healthy is letting things out and not keeping them inside. I promise I will write a post soon about C25K. I can run for 25 minutes straight now and I am hoping to enter a 5k soon. Thanks for letting me vent! Peace!

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