Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Today we have a family snow day! School was canceled for the boys and I. Marc decided that since our little county road hasn't been plowed and that it is still snowing that he wasn't going to risk it. Yay for snow days! But I am ready for spring! To be able to get out and take a walk or play in the yard or go watch Jackson's baseball games!

On the eating front: Yesterday was supposed to be my start over day. I did really well journaling my eats w/points until I got home. Then I was starving and mindlessly ate Chex Mix and made a turkey dinner w/ mashed potatoes and stuffing. I also ate brownies at midnight, yikes! This is what I ate during the day. Maybe someone can have a suggestion on how not to be starving by the evening. I get 23 points per day.

coffee w/creamer 1pt
lower sugar oatmeal w/1 banana 4pts
1 c vegetable soup 0pts
10 baby carrots 0pts
mandarin orange cup 1pt
cereal bar 2
handful of m&ms 3
then the evening:
Chex Mix w/a few Cool Ranch Doritos
2 slices turkey
mashed potatoes
stove top stuffing

On a positive note I did do Walk Away the Pounds 2 mile walk last night and I drank about 5 glasses of water(not enough but better than it has been).

Today so far:
coffee w/creamer 1pt
Arnold's sandwich thin 1pt (love these)
turkey bacon 4pt
cheese 1pt
egg 2 pts

Going to do some exercising soon!

So really I want to know, what do you think of my eats? What do I need to do differently? More fruits and veggies, I know but what else???

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Andrew is getting fit said...

Maybe more protein to stop the hunger?

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