Wednesday, November 4, 2009

This Is It

So yesterday afternoon after the Colts game Jackson and I went up to Metropolis to see Michael Jackson's This Is It. It was great! It really was. I found myself experiencing a variety of emotions as I watched it. I started out curious because i really had no idea what to expect. Within about 10 minutes, I found myself suddenly feeling very sad. As in, there were tears in my eyes sad.....there were no voice overs to the film, telling anyone what to think or how to feel...It was simply MJ at rehearsal, completely in his element, and within moments we all could see that he was still absolutely amazing. The moves were as good as ever. The voice - strong and spot-on with the music that we love so much. Like I said, within moments of seeing just how wonderful and talented he still was, I felt knots in my stomach and some wetness in my eyes, knowing that his passing prevented these amazing shows from ever occurring....and seeing how spectacular he still was - you just could not help but wonder what might have been - what should have been. I felt sad for a good 40 minutes....but then my changed into something way more positive. I began to think about how, because of this footage, he was able to prove all those who see it - that he still had it - BIG TIME....had this footage never existed, I must admit that I would likely have felt a little different about his passing. i had always been a fan, but i have to admit that i doubted that he could still amaze people. I sat there yesterday in the movie theater and i was amazed. So, even though I was moved by his passing, at the time it was because of what he used to be....but know I know that I am sad because of what he still was. As the film went on, I sat there with Jackson, singing along, drumming the armrests, not giving a rats crap about what i may have looked like doing this in a movie theater - I just allowed myself to enjoy it, and I so did. Jackson leaned over and whispered to me "Dad, this is the best movie i have ever seen....It is better than Star Wars". Now, for Jackson to say this, well, if you know him I would equate it to Peyton Manning saying that going to an MJ concert was better than winning the Super Bowl. As it came to a close, 121 minutes later, I did not want it to end....the credits started rolling and people clapped....for awhile....and I didn't see a single person stand up out of their seat until the credits were done. You could sense that people did not want to see the last of MJ. I know I didn't.

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